Netflix expands Adam Sandler library to include watchable films with Noah Baumbach’s ‘Meyerowitz Stories’ trailer

After clogging up the streaming pipes with turds like The Ridiculous Six, Sandy Wexler, and The Do-Over, Netflix has suddenly gone highbrow on their Adam Sandler offerings. That’s likely because this new Sandler project isn’t so much an “Adam Sandler movie” as it is a “Noah Baumbach film”—with all the trappings of well-to-do dysfunction that are the Baumbach brand. It’s called The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected), and it stars Sandler, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, and Emma Thompson in a story about middle-aged siblings dealing with their artist father (Hoffman) and each other. Watch the new trailer above. The original teaser awaits below. The full film hits Netflix October 13.

  • Thanos

    This is the movie where we discover that Adam Sandler and Adam Driver are surprisingly interchangeable.

    • adam3w

      I’m reimagining Happy Gilmore with Adam Driver in the lead, and now it’s all I want for Christmas.

  • jaime_arg

    As much as I love 16mm, I feel like it doesn’t suit a contemporary drama very well.
    Kudos to Baumbach for sticking with his preference though.

  • adam3w

    Adam Sandler tends to be surprisingly watchable in movies not written or directed by Adam Sandler.

    • I’d say “produced by” is the larger flag.

      • adam3w

        You’re right—I just imdb’d him and realized he has no directing credits.

        • In fairness, between his insistent hiring of Dennis Dugan and Frank Coraci, he may as well.