Netflix let Chuck Lorre make another rotten sitcom, and here’s the trailer

For better or worse, Netflix has been staunchly egalitarian in building their original series empire. Not content to merely hit the highs of premium cable, they’ve also stomped around in the multi-camera slop of broadcast sitcoms, resulting in the likes of Fuller House and The Ranch. Now, to the brightly-lit muck of the latter category we can add Disjointed, the latest canned laughter-punctuated comedy from Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre. Roughly in About Schmidt mode, Kathy Bates stars as Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, a hippy marijuana advocate who’s finally getting to open her own legal dispensary in Los Angeles. Have a look at the first trailer above. You can find out whether it’s maybe funnier if you’re stoned when the full series premieres August 25.

  • HalSolo

    I’m not going to watch this, but any chance it could take a turn to darker territory a la Breaking Bad or even Santa Clarita Diet? I’m relying on the rest of you, because there’s no way I’m clicking that play button…

    • adam3w

      I took that bullet for you. Lorre and his team are at their hacky hackiest. Any attempt to dig deeper than the surface of obvious hippy jokes and casual racism will immediately hit the hard bedrock of intellectual bankruptcy. The only darkness in this trailer is in the fact that this kind of humor still has an audience.

      • HalSolo

        You are my Internet Clint Eastwood to Netflix’s John Malkovich.

  • P.T. Internet

    I get it. . .because marijuana is rolled into joints. Lorre has done it again!

  • Thanos

    I hope he patches things up with Charlie Sheen so they can get to work on a tasteful series about owning the world’s first coke dispensary. It would be called ‘The Big Banging 7 and a Half Gram Rocks Theory’.

  • jaime_arg

    I legit thought those laugh tracks were added ironically by some youtuber like this thing

    Great way to obliterate any sliver of comedy that could be in this thing.