Netflix officially confirms ‘Orc Cop… Too!’

It’s official: Orc Cop is getting a sequel. Sharing the above video, Netflix today announced that they’ve given the greenlight on Orc Cop… Too!, a sequel to their critically lambasted (many judged it far below the sub-mediocre grade we gave it) recent release from director David Ayer. Original stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are expected to reprise their respective roles as Will Smith Cop and Orc Cop. However, writer Max Landis, the John Landis spawn that conceived the film’s questionably-imagined world, is not; Ayer, who rewrote the first Orc Cop in his typical End of Watch fashion, will now handle the script. It will assumedly see Smith and Orc Cop wake up in the other’s body, learning a bit about themselves and each other in the process, because otherwise why would anyone okay this?

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