New Glass trailer reiterates that these guys are superhero-like, in case you missed that

After spending most of Unbreakable explaining how Bruce Willis’s David Dunn is a superhero, Samuel L. Jackson’s Mr. Glass is back for his own self-titled movie. And he and writer-director M. Night Shyamalan still won’t shut up about the obvious comic book analogues.

The third chapter of a trilogy that began with Unbreakable and continued with James McAvoy Characters Reel 2016, Glass sees Dunn, Glass, and McAvoy’s Crumb in a mental institution. Psychiatrist Sarah Paulson thinks they’re delusional, as she clearly started with a later Shyamalan dud and never went back to watch his decent stuff. But, of course, they are not delusional; soon enough, Glass has teamed up with Crumb’s possessed-girl-in-a-horror-film character, they bust out of the place, and it’s time for Dunn to put on his crime-fightin’ poncho.

We’ll find out if Split’s returning Anya Taylor-Joy has telekinesis or what when Glass hits theaters January 18.

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