Night of the Living Dead’s original creators are giving it a third “part two” of sorts

True to form for the antagonists it invented, Night of the Living is an ever-multiplying entity that seemingly can’t be killed—and it’s about to grow its undead army even larger.

Already the 1968 classic birthed two not-quite-sequels. Co-writers John Russo and George A. Romero, parting ways after the original, went on to respectively make Return of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. The latter, also known as Zombie, ended up birthing that series, with even more films and remakes to come later. All told, Night of the Living Dead has spawned about 23 films, and that’s not counting its broader influence in the zombie genre it created. But it seems now it will get its most direct sequel yet.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Living Dead Media is in development on sequel script Russo and Romero wrote in the ’70s, and they plan to release the film in theaters by next year. There’s more to worry about than that very rushed timeline, though. Romero died only last year, so it’s curious timing for this old script he supposedly co-wrote to suddenly pop up. And, notably, Russo is a 79-year-old who owns the rights to the “Living Dead” title that—hey!—boasts the same name as this very production company, which is simultaneously developing a mobile gaming app. But if nothing else, at least Romero and Russo’s shared vision of micro-transactions on a cell phone will be realized.

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