No one wants to direct Channing Tatum’s Gambit movie

Gore Verbinski has joined the growing list of directors who want nothing to do with Gambit. According to Deadline, the Pirates of the Caribbean helmer has dropped out of the X-Men spin-off, making him the third director to do so. (Going back as far as 2015, Doug Liman and Rupert Wyatt were previously lined up.) Channing Tatum, who’s been set to produce and star as the playing card-flinging mutant throughout the staff changes, remains attached. It’s not clear whether 20th Century Fox will still try to make the Valentine’s Day 2019 release currently on their schedule. It’s likewise unclear whether Disney’s impending Fox buyout and its marrying of Marvel properties will at this point kill the project anyway. For now, the only certainty is that there isn’t a director alive that wants to sit through weeks of listening to Channing Tatum attempt a Cajun accent.

  • scott19

    Let’s think about the accent. Yes Gambit is super Cajuny and always throws in a “…no?” or “cher’ “petit” whatever.

    But if this movie was made in the 80s, Gambit would definitely just talk like Channing Tatum, while the rest of his family was a mixture of Cajuns and French-Canadians.

    Maybe this is the right approach, studio guys made hundreds of movies like this. We can totally get passed the directors (probably) quitting because Tatum keeps using a Mexican accent.

    • deucepickle

      I’ve always kinda hated how none of the X-men have an accent in the movies. Halley Berry gave up on the African accent after the first one. Colossus never tried a Russian accent. Nightcrawler is the only one I can think of that used one.

      • Deadpool colossus is pretty over the top Russki. I kinda forgot that Halley went from full african accent to completely dropping it in subsequent movies.

        I really liked rogues accent from the cartoon. Anna paquin never really did it for me as rogue in general.

        • Though I watched most of X-Men (1) a year or so ago, I have absolutely no memory of a fake accent from Halle Berry. Did she for real do that very briefly?

          • I didn’t remember it either.
            I just watched a couple of scenes on youtube. It is more of an English accent with a slight africaness to it.

      • David Shire

        Juggernaut 🙂

        • adam3w

          Yeah, but that was just Vinnie Jones doing his regular voice. Comic book Juggernaut is from Berkley.

          • deucepickle

            And also technically not a mutant. And never wore a kegerator on his head as a helmet. It also bothers me that Black Widow has no Russian accent. Mila Kunis seems like the Black Widow we deserve.

          • adam3w

            In my head I always figured that the lack of a Russian accent was because Agent Romanova is so good at languages. But I agree that Mila Kunis would be a great choice. Although if we want to get super technical, Mila is a Russian-speaking Ukrainian, so maybe she wouldn’t have the correctly accented Russian?

  • jaime_arg

    Surprise surprise