Oh, Halo: Pablo Schreiber is your Master Chief

The otherwise hollow suit of Halo’s Master Chief finally has a face: Pablo Schreiber. The turd of Orange Is the New Black and The Wire has reportedly signed on to star in Showtime’s live-action series adaptation of the Halo video game series. Schreiber will play protagonist Master Chief, the playable character who’s just about as much of an empty, faceless avatar as a character can be.

In a bit of unintentional satire, video game developer Bungie’s Joseph Staten described the role as a bit of a creative catalyst in Halo’s evolution, saying, “Master Chief is really what kicked off the creativity, in terms of how people react to him. He’s a space marine in really cool green armor.”

It’s said Schreiber will put on this really cool green armor, igniting a second Renaissance Age, when Halo begins shooting this fall.

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