Oh, look, Daddy Day Care is a trilogy now

Universal’s unscrupulous home video division has never held back when it comes to dubious straight-to-video sequels. To date, they’ve reached four American Pies beyond the first three, four Beethovens past the first two, held four more Death Races, made five more Bring It Ons, three more Dragonhearts, and turned the 1989 Jim Belushi comedy K-9 intro a trilogy (never lost Belushi).

They also put out another Kindergarten Cop, knocked out a new Problem Child, and gave the world a second Blue Crush, a third Honey, a couple more Skulls, two Jarhead follow-ups, a two-decade-late Little Rascals sequel, Hard Target 2, Darkman II (the prequel to Darkman III: Die Darkman Die, naturally), and The Hitcher II: I’ve Been Waiting.

And let’s not forget Slapshot 2 & 3, the second Smoking Aces, Timecop 2, the four sequels to The Scorpion King, the six sequels to Tremors, and The Land Before Time IIXIV. To name a few.

Their latest ill-advised sequel venture? Grand-Daddy Day Care! Hobbling into the dying (in more ways than one) elderly ensemble comedy trend, the film sees Reno Wilson seemingly running a retirement home out of his house, tending to the likes of Danny Trejo, Barry Bostwick, Hal Linden, and George Wendt. As seen in the teaser above, it’s…

Well, let’s just say it’s no Daddy Day Camp.

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