Paddington director Paul King is taking on Pinocchio next

After tossing around names like Paul Thomas Anderson and Sam Mendes, Disney has finally settled on someone a bit more logical—and gettable—for their live-action Pinocchio remake. According to THR, the studio has found their director in Paul King, the helmer whose once discounted Paddingon series has proven to be one of the best-reviewed franchises ever. Going from living teddy bear to living marionette puppet shouldn’t be too big a leap for him. Production is expected to begin in the fall, even while in our hearts, live-action Pinocchio will forever remain Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

  • HalSolo

    With Paul King at the helm, can Disney just make this a damned MIGHTY BOOSH reunion? I’m talking Julian Barratt as Gepetto, Richard Ayoade as Jiminy Cricket, Rich Fulcher as Stromboli, Matt Berry as Monstro and OBVIOUSLY Noel Fielding as the Blue Fairy.

    • I’m still baffled Matt Berry hasn’t become huge in voice acting. Like, fine, I get that U.S. audiences may not be ready for looking at his odd puffiness, but we can’t even toss him as much as a role in a Cars sequel?

      • HalSolo

        Since he’s technically part of MOON’s universe, I’m really hoping Duncan Jones has snuck Berry somewhere in MUTE.