‘Party of Five’ is getting an extremely timely reboot

Amid a surge of ’90s revivals being shoved down our again choker-wrapped throats, Freeform has started work on a Party of Five reboot. The cable channel just announced that they’ve given a put pilot commitment to an update of the debatably classic ’90s melodrama, which saw a quintet of siblings trying to get by in the wake of their parents’ untimely deaths. Original creators Amy Lippman and Chris Keyser are returning to write the pilot, and this time they’re tweaking the conceit to be as timely as the original’s fashion: instead of dying in a car crash, now the parents are abruptly deported to Mexico. Finally, a Party of Five for the era of a party of grotesque racism.

  • BMan56

    Isn’t all racism misguided…?

    • You’re not wrong. Sorry if that was unclear. I’ve edited for clarification.

      • adam3w

        Isn’t all racism grotesque? /s

  • JUST in time.

  • jaime_arg

    “our again choker-wrapped throats”
    Are you telling me you don’t like girls who wear chokers? Come on…

    • I’m just saying they’re back. Like so many ’90s things.