Paul Bettany Is Our Handsomest Ted Kaczynski in Discovery’s ‘Manhunt Unabomber’ Trailer

Twenty-two years since the Unabomber’s final deadly attack, Discovery is going to take us behind those famous aviators to look at the lean, strikingly-handsome face beneath.

Discovery’s Manhunt Unabomber follows the People v. O. J. Simpson and Casting JonBenet trend of dragging out the bloodiest tabloid favorites of the ’90s. As its title handily notes, the subject now is the Unabomber—or at least a surreal version of him that Jennifer Connelly would deem husband material. Paul Bettany plays the Ted Kaczynski that, had he not decided to mail bombs to people, could have just as easily played romantic interest to Kirsten Dunst in 2004’s Wimbledon. Sam Worthington stars as FBI profiler Jim Fitzgerald, with Jane Lynch, Chris Noth, and Mark Duplass filling in supporting roles on the case. The eight-episode manhunt for that scene-stealing charmer from A Knight’s Tale begins on August 1.

  • adam3w

    Bettany and Worthington were clearly not cast for their aptitude with American accents.

    • They must have cast Worthington for the usual reason. Please tell me if anyone figures out what that is.

      • Kadu_4U

        coz every studio exec thinks he looks “Cool” and “Haunted”.. or maybe coz the test audience of every sam worthington movie likes his clueless-yet-concerned look.