Property Brothers to sell us on the hellish real estate of their own sitcom

Whether you know them as the “Property Brothers” or “sketch artist depictions of a handsomer date rapist that exists somewhere between the two images,” Drew and Jonathan Scott have become lame household names. They’ve made enough HGTV series to have their own “franchise” Wikipedia page; they’ve put out books for both adults and children; they’ve been in several web series; they hosted a radio show; they have a mobile app; and your lonely aunt has imagined scenarios for how she would meet and seduce each, both separately and together. And now their grown-up Hardy Boys as Olsen Twins empire is growing into the realm of what could narrowly be defined as fictional comedy.

According to Variety, the one who dresses up slightly more and the one who puts on a prop tool belt are working with Fox on a sitcom based on their shared life. Titled It Takes Two (and again borrowing from the Olsen Twins), the series will focus on the familiar concept of “two entrepreneurial twin brothers who decide to join forces in the real estate business when they realize they are stronger together than apart.”

Table for Two, a series in which the brothers are force-fed bugs through funnels at a shared Olive Garden booth, remains on the table should they use the contact form at the top of this page.

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