Punky Brewster is getting a sequel series

Looks like Punky Brewster didn’t quite suffocate in the fridge where we locked it in the ’80s. According to Deadline, the series is being resuscitated by NBCUniversal’s UCP, with Soleil Moon Frye attached to reprise the title role.

It’s said the follow-up would see Punky matured since her years as a precocious, orphaned eccentric. Now a single mother of three, she’s “trying to get her life back on track when she meets a young girl who reminds her a lot of her younger self.”

The role of Punky, Mark II hasn’t yet been filled, but Frye has repeatedly, repeatedly campaigned for her daughter to take over the part in a reboot—even dressing the girl up in pigtails for interviews—so there would seem to be an early frontrunner.

Now, we wait… to find out whether the magic furry with the soul-patch from the cartoon was canon…

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