Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe get dark and stormy in Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse trailer

Toss Batman and Green Goblin into a isolated lighthouse for between two days and five weeks, and what do you get? A bonkers, darkly comic, old fashioned, horror fantasy two-hander about masculinity and madness, of course.

Have a look with the first trailer for The Lighthouse, Robert Eggers followup to his acclaimed The Witch. This sophomore effort was likewise fêted when it premiered at Cannes back in May, with audiences particularly taken by the performances of Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe.

It’s been said that between the stars’ completely different acting methods and the intentionally brutal weather conditions, it was a contentious shoot. But it’s also said that Pattinson’s character jerks off to his little mermaid figurine and fights some animals, so apparently everything worked out in the end.

Crazed wickies will finally get some representation on the big screen when The Lighthouse hits theaters October 18.

But will it top Guy Maddin’s Brand Upon the Brain for Best Weirdo Lighthouse Movie That Looks Like It Was Made a Century Ago…?

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