Robert Pattinson Runs Wild in A24’s Intense New ‘Good Time’ Trailer

The Glittering Vampire Hunk has a new film, and it’s yet another dark, interesting project that’s making it hard to keep calling him the Glittering Vampire Hunk. This one’s Good Time, from hot distributor A24 and young directors Ben and Joshua Safdie. Robert Pattinson stars as a robber in an adrenaline-fueled race to bail his mentally-disabled brother out of jail. The film was a standout at Cannes, and this latest trailer really shows off the senses-assaulting energy that made it such a critical hit.

Good Time hits theaters August 11. So get all your “Sparkly Dracula Dreamboats” out before then.

  • HalSolo

    I was not expecting the cool AFTER HOURS / PUSHER vibe. You win again, A24.

    • Man, I came so close to referencing After Hours, but since this is so frenetic, I worried I was only thinking it because I SORT OF think After Hours is my favorite Scorsese film.

      • Kevin Knipstein

        No, you’re right. After Hours is your favorite Scorcese film.