Scary grandma and anger grandpa with the new Bombshell trailer

The twin film to Showtime’s Russell Crowe Roger Ailes movie, Bombshell is the latest feature to focus on the Fox News sexual harassment scandal. But, though it’s directed by political-TV-movie-with-big-name-stars-playing-real-people specialist Jay Roach (Game Change, Recount), this one’s headed to theaters this December.

Now John Lithgow has been forced into Gary Oldman’s Darkest Hour suit to play Ailes—but the real focus here is on his victims. In the lead roles, we’ve got Nicole Kidman playing Gretchen Carlson, Margot Robbie as fictional producer Kayla Pospisil, and an almost unrecognizable Charlize Theron looking frighteningly like Megyn Kelly.

And, hey, the title works as both a reference to Fox News’s “blonde bombshell” anchors and to the bombshell of the scandal! Get it?

Bombshell hits theaters December 20, so you can argue with your family about it on Christmas.

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