Damn right it’s the Shaft trailer, but can you dig it?

This isn’t your grandfather’s Shaft! Except when it literally is. That’s the takeaway from the trailer for the latest weirdly canonical reboot of the blaxploitation classic.

Now 19 years since Samuel L. Jackson took on the title role from his mere six-year senior, Richard Roundtree, the new Shaft sees Jessie T. Usher as the young, naïve Shaft scion—someone for the Shaft septuagenarians to rag on, as if there aren’t already a bizarre number of recent films where 70-something men rant their bullshit. (Ads like this one have confirmed the film’s eye-rolling view of Millennial culture.) And now the entire thing is nothing like a Shaft film, except for how all the prior Shafts being there. It’s just a lazy, generic action-comedy about generation differences. I’d shut my mouth, but I’m just talkin’ ’bout Shaft. Can you dig it?

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