Shazam slams a soda in our first official look at DC’s new hero

Like 1989, Shazam! exists in a middle-ground between 1988’s Big and 1990’s The Flash series. It’s got the teenage-boy-in-a-man’s-body of the former, and as seen in this first official still, the latter’s bright red suit that looks like it has rolled-up socks shoved in there for muscles. Chuck‘s Zachary Levi stars in the title role, playing the Superman-level hero a 14-year-old orphan transforms into when he shouts the character’s name. Asher Angel plays the teen, with It‘s Jack Dylan Grazer playing his friend.

With Comic Con hitting San Diego next week, this image will likely soon be followed by a trailer. Here’s what to likely expect from that:

– Moment just after this image where Shazam accidentally crushes the full can.

– Alternately, the colossal, echoing burp Shazam lets out after slamming the cola. “Sorry—not used to this body yet!”

– Scene where Shazam mistakenly puts a fist through a wall and looks through the hole at his friend, like, “Oops!”

– The cheeky part where Shazam goes to the bathroom and is amazed at the girth of his adult sha-wang.

– Billy Batson realizing that the true gift was not godly powers but the treasured youth he already had, never realizing its magic until trading it for another sort.

– Or just a few more shots of Shazam breaking shit. Whatever.

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