‘Silicon Valley’ Gets New Trailer, Awesome Daniel Clowes Poster

Ghost World and Wilson comics creator Daniel Clowes has found his latest outcast, socio-mutant muses. It’s the cast of Silicon Valley, as featured on this new, perfect, Clowes-illustrated poster just debuted by HBO. The premium cable network also just put out the above trailer for Silicon Valley‘s fourth season. Clowes isn’t involved in that, but a giant-bearded Haley Joel Osment is, so… not the worst trade-off. The new season hits April 23.

  • Looks like a fun season! Also…. I feel terrible saying this but I can’t be the only one who is more and more weirded out by Haley Joel Osment’s man-baby syndrome. He’s been getting a lot of work recently and he is a fine actor… but he looks like the kid from the 6th sense drawn as a crude police rendering of what he would look like as an adult. Or like the character that plays his future self, but we find out is just a hobo his parents hired to keep him from doing drugs a la Southpark? Jesus, I’ll stop. This is fucked up. I’m the bad guy here, obviously… just. Sheeit. I’m done…. His eyes and mouth never grew upIM SORRY!!!

  • HalSolo

    I want, nay, NEED a Daniel Clowes spinoff of Silicon Valley. Now.
    Or could we just animate the whole series like this as an alternative, slightly less awkward and uncomfortable version of this universe?

    • Jolie Rogers

      Clowes would certainly make it slightly more awkward and uncomfortable and amazing.