Sony just decided to stretch their Spider-Man “spin-off” universe even thinner

While working with Marvel toward what seems to be a promising Spider-Man film franchise, Sony has separately been working on their own fucked-up basement project: a spin-off franchise that’s all toppings and no pizza, featuring never-introduced Spider-Man characters but rarely if ever Spider-Man himself. They’ve got solo films focused on Venom, Moebius, Nightwatch, Silk, and Kraven on the way, along with team-up film, Silver & Black—or at least they did until today.

Stretching their tenuous spider-web even thinner, the studio has reportedly decided to handle this like laundry, splitting Silver & Black into separate color components. Now Silver Sable will get her own film, as will Black Cat—and all this before Venom has even hit theaters this fall. Way to put the cart before the horse-that-shows-up-at-best-in-cameo, Sony.

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