Spike Jonze and FKA Twigs made a colorful new short for us (and Apple)

It’s been more than four years since Spike Jonze last delighted us with a feature film. There’s still no telling when he’ll get around to a big-screen follow-up to Her, but here’s a least something new to tide us over with Jonze’s usual fantastical naturalism.

Set to Anderson .Paak’s new track, “‘Til It’s Over,” this new short from Jonze sees FKA Twigs dancing through her apartment—and stretching its walls into dazzling streaks of color with the flick of her wrist. Sure, technically the short is also a commercial for Apple’s HomePod, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying. If you can get through Get Out‘s recurring Microsoft ads, you can get through this too.

  • scott19

    Looked like a lot of practical effects until Multiplicity started up. It must have had some CGI to be so seamless looking for some of those though, even with leaving in lines that look like breaks in the scenery.

    Pretty neat.

    • In this case, it’s not Multiplicity but Malkovich, Malkovich.

    • HalSolo

      My initial thought was “maybe FKA twigs has a twin?” Cuz I still love that perfectly simple solve for Linda Hamilton in T2… but nope, probably ‘puters.

  • David Shire

    Nice. I haven’t seen dancing and hands-free furniture arranging come together like that since Virtual Insanity.