Stallone busted out another Escape Plan sequel, and here’s the trailer

Tomorrow will make one year to the day since the release of Escape Plan 2: Hades, the sequel that swapped out Schwarzenegger for David Bautista and a theatrical release for straight-to-video. And what better way to celebrate that landmark occasion than with what else but another Escape Plan sequel Sylvester Stallone somehow already has ready for a home video release this Tuesday.

Stallone again stars a Ray Breslin, a security expert who busts out the incarcerated as efficiently as Stallone busts out garbage sequels. Bautista and 50 Cent are back too, along with Jaime King, playing the woman who is dating the 72-year-old muscle man. The plot involves some bullshit where Devon Sawa kidnaps King as payback for Breslin screwing his dad over. She’s being held in some kind of prison where everything has a gross yellow tint; conveniently, some cool martial arts guys also want to break someone out of this place, so they help out in selling this to Chinese audiences. Because that’s gotta be how these make money, right?

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