‘Star Wars’ Braintrust Sorting How To Move Forward with ‘Key’ Leia Scenes

It happened with Harry Potter, Fast/Furious, and now Star Wars: they made so many that you’re not actually sure you could name them all. Also, an actor died while their character remained vital and alive, forcing the studio to sort out the ethics and logistics of what to do next. When Richard Harris passed away, Michael Gambon was brought in to take over the role of Dumbledore. After Paul Walker died, CGI and body doubles allowed for his character to get a proper send off, to be written out of further films. Now, with Carrie Fisher sadly gone, Disney has to decide what to do with Leia. And it better not be what was done with her for Rogue One, because that looked like when they put Kevin Spacey in Call of Duty.

According to THR, the issue is that Fisher still has some big scenes ahead of her–reunions with Luke and her son, Kylo Ren, among them. She also was meant to actually have an increased role going from Episode VII to VIII and through to IX. Should her parts be cut down? Should the character be killed off? Should we even be talking about this right now? Is that too fucked up already?

These questions and more are going to be sorted by a “braintrust.”Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy and Episode IX writer-director Colin Trevorrow are meeting next week, and it seems likely that Episode VIII writer-director Rian Johnson and maybe J.J. Abrams would be brought in as well. Though, given that IX isn’t meant to start shooting for another year, there’s still some time to sort this out. Which is good, because honestly, too soon, right? We definitely shouldn’t be talking about this yet.

  • Eric B

    CGI her! Why not? Rogue One took a huge leap of faith, and while it was obviously CGI with Tarkin and young Leia, it was (IMO) two of best parts of the movie. I was on the edge of my seat during those parts. I knew it was CGI and I didn’t care. Look past it for what it is and why it’s done. It seemed to me more like a tribute to them and I think it could be done the same in episode IX. And what would Carrie want? Would she want the story changed because of her death? I seriously doubt that.

    • HalSolo

      I honestly think Carrie Fisher would want Gary the French Bulldog to get a prominent role in these movies – c’mon Kennedy, put that goofy little Gary in episode IX!
      Otherwise, I don’t even know… that scene in Rogue One blindsided me, since I saw it after she passed. We all bawled. Goddamnit 2016, you accomplished what a Hutt, a Grand Moff and even a Death Star trash compactor could not…

    • I mean, it’s fine, but I don’t know why they flaunt it so much–the camera swinging around their video game heads in close-up. Just kind of try to keep them in the dark a touch and in medium shots. It’s like they put in so much work that they lessen it by trying to show it off.

      • Jolie Rogers

        It’s worked well for Jaws, Predators, and Terminators: let’s do a POV Leia-cam! And this conversation does not feel classy.
        On a related note, which looks more grounded in reality–the recent Tarkin or Jabba walking around with Han in the rerelease of A New Hope?

        • I forgot how they re-did Jabba after the re-release, and it still looks abysmal.

          • I didn’t find out Jabba was originally just a chubby irish guy until about 2 years ago..

      • IckyRickyB

        I agree completely. Maybe by Episode IX they’ll have made some great advances and we won’t be able to tell (holy shit that’s scary to think of). Eventually they’ll get there. If they aren’t then yeah, pan back, keep in the dark. I feel like the young Arnold in Terminator Genisys actually looked more real than Tarkin did, but again, I didn’t care. Because it was awesome! (only awesome thing about that movie btw)

    • jaime_arg

      a) It was really, really fake (to the trained eye, at least-not bragging, just a fact).
      b) The voice is much harder to replicate.

    • RU5TY $H4CKL3F0RD

      Tarkin didnt look right to me but it was impressive, my Wife and sister came with me and had no clue he wasnt ‘real’

  • Jeremy Tilton

    Have her getting some form of a facial injury in Episode 8 that requires a mask of some sort (maybe a veil). Maybe she is forced to move to a distant star and can only communicate via hologram, masking uncanny CGI. It’s the Star Wars universe. All sorts of “technology” could be put in place of an actress’s face.

  • scott19

    I don’t have any particular attachment to Carrie Fisher, especially not as she was in The Force Awakens (New Hope Style!). They could find another chain smoker to take the role over and I’d be fine as long as the braids lined up.

    And they SHOULD recast. Just keep the story as good as it can be, and if Leia isn’t 100% Leia then it’ll be too bad but we’ll move past it. None of this using a CGI actor crud.

    • “It is an exciting time for the Resistance. Luke Skywalker, last of the remaining Jedi, has been found. His sister, General Leia Organa, now looks like Dianne Wiest.”

    • jaime_arg

      Maybe they can write in a freak accident that forces her to wear a mask like Vader.
      That way her voice can be different and her face just never appears (except perhaps in a creepy shot like Vader without his helmet, that could be CGI).

  • jaime_arg

    “reunions with Luke and her son, Kylo Ren, among them”
    a) Spoiler alert!
    b) Goddammit, I really hoped those characters (and the fan service) would be limited to Episode VII. I can’t believe they were making her a part of the next two episodes, and I can’t believe they didn’t take the necessary precautions to secure those performances if they decided to use the characters again.

  • jaime_arg

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    I just left a comment in the other Bizarro comment section but I don’t know if it’s saved anywhere. It’s the only comment section that appeared after two reloads. After actually posting the message the disqus section replaced the alternate-reality comment section.

    Edit: I think it might depend on whether you’re logged into disqus or not.

    • Kadu_4U

      Nope..Its a real pain..I am logged in to my disqus but I still saw the alt-real-comment interface.. Saw it even after two reloads.. Could a bug.. Where is the IT tech when you need em…

      Regarding princess leia character.. The braintrust(who could a whacky ditsy organisation secretly plotting world domination during the next comic-con) should take a cue from the cash-cow of their overlords(disney) and just..ahem..let it go…

  • jaime_arg

    I really hoped Leia’s role would be limited to Episode VII. Time to cut back on fan service and focus on new shit.