‘Stranger Things’ Season Two Will Get Stranger This Fall

Stranger Things will finally get slightly stranger this fall. Netflix just announced the release date for the cult-favorite series’ second season, setting it for October 27. Perfect for binging on Halloween when no one invites us to their party. But seriously, we’ll skip it if you know of a party. Please.

  • HoDaDor

    Apparently I missed the party, which moved here after you left IWS. Glad to find your humor again. I also like the reviews Kevin is doing. What’s up with the name TV-VCR? Or do I need to go back in the posts to find the history of your move here?

    • Because it’s TV stuff and also movie stuff (VCR). That was the idea, at least.

  • jaime_arg

    Is it really a cult-favorite series? I thought it was a huge hit amongst young people.

    • Alright, it’s probably too large a following to be traditional “cult following.” But the intensely geeky fandom of it is there.