Tarantino is making a Django sequel… with Zorro

Joining the “yeah, I guess?” movie cross-over ranks of Alien and Predator, Freddy and Jason, and The Jetsons and World Wrestling Entertainment, Django and Zorro are getting a team-up movie.

Collider is reporting that Quentin Tarantino is working with comedian Jerrod Carmichael on a film that would see Django become Zorro’s bodyguard, later helping him free a group of enslaved indigenous people. While Carmichael is said to already be at work on the script, at the moment it’s unclear how hands on Tarantino is being—or even if he’ll direct.

As left-field as the project may seem, there’s actually been some build-up to the idea. Back in September of 2014, leaked emails revealed conversations between Tarantino and Sony’s Amy Pascal about a Django/Zorro movie. A couple months later, the idea instead hit stores as a comic book scripted by the director. But it seems it’s yet bound for the big screen.

Anyway. We still haven’t done Gremlins versus Critters, right? How about that?

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