The Addams Family teaser brings back the wretched household

While it’s unclear whether they still do what they want to do, say what they want to say, live how they want to live, play how they want to play, dance how they want to dance, or kick and then slap a friend, the Addams Family has returned.

Now 26 years since their last cinematic appearance, the creepy/kooky/mysterious/spooky/altogether-ooky kin are now animated—and closer to creators Charles Addams’ original vision, for better or worse—in a new film from the directors of Sausage Party and writer of The Christmas Chronicles.

Oscar Isaac voices Gomez; Charlize Theron does a strangely terrible job voicing Morticia; Nick Kroll is also pretty unfortunate as Fester; Chloë Grace Moretz takes advantage of her experience as the disaffected teenage daughter of a creepy supernatural family in a dilapidated mansion as Wednesday; Finn Wolfhard is Pugsley, because why not; Bette Midler plays Grandmama; and Allison Janney and Eighth Grade’s Elsie Fisher are playing mother and daughter Needler—presumably the normies set to be freaked out by the awful relatives who own a disembodied pet hand.

The grotesque folks who force a Frankenstein to play an organ return to theaters this Halloween.

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