The new Hellboy trailer sure does show us another Hellboy

How does Hellboy so captivate directors with its characters and Lovecraftian freaks, yet with so little of its pacing and artistry? As Hellboy himself might say in his latest, needlessly R-rated incarnation, who the fuck knows? But here’s the latest evidence with the Hellboy reboot’s new trailer.

This time, it’s Neil Marshall directing, with Stranger Things’ David Harbour adding the latest layer of sweat to Legend’s old red muscle suit. Ian McShane is our new Professor Bruttenholm (anyone else getting a Man Who Killed Don Quixote vibe of “Sure, I love this actor, but a spindly old boy like John Hurt sure was perfect…”?); Milla Jovovich plays antagonist Nimue, the Blood Queen; Sasha Lane is Alice Monaghan; and, looking even more comic-book-accurate-angular than Hellboy himself, Daniel Dae Kim co-stars as were-jaguar Ben Daimio.

We’ll find out whether we at least get a Hellboy-style quiet sequence, featuring cutaways to birds chirping and old castles looming in the distance, when the film hits theaters April 12.

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