A thought-lost Stanley Kubrick screenplay has been found

Continuing Hollywood’s ceaseless ’90s revival, now it seems they may bring Stanley Kubrick back to theaters. According to The Guardian, a film professor and Kubrick authority has just found a thought-lost screenplay the iconic director wrote with his Paths of Glory co-writer Calder Willingham in 1956—and it’s “so close to completion that it could be developed by film-makers.”

Based on the 1913 Stefan Zweig novella Burning Secret, the script is set in a spa resort. It reportedly sees a slick, handsome, 30-year-old creep befriending a 10-year-old boy in order to seduce the kid’s married mother. Bangor University’s Nathan Abrams, who made the discovery, has labeled the story “the inverse of [Kubrick’s 1962] Lolita,” which flipped the script to see the creep instead marrying a mother to get at her underage daughter. Did this guy love the mother & child & aggressively-gross interloper relationship or what?

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