Tom & Jerry, Sesame Street films coming in 2021

Get ready, children and furries, because Warner Bros. is about to make your 2021. The studio just announced the release dates for a new Sesame Street feature and a live-action/CG Tom and Jerry movie, setting respective debuts of January 15 and April 16 of 2021.

Sesame Street is set to star Anne Hathaway, Hollywood’s Big Bird—an A-lister who’s pleasant but grating, and you can tell they came from a stage-y New York background. Promisingly, Jonathan Krisel—a writer and director on the likes of Portlandia, Tim and Eric, SNL, Kroll Show, and Baskets—is directing. While it’s said “Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Grover, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, and Elmo” will appear, it’s unclear whether we’ll see Telly, the neurotic, television-obsessed monster who is the most identifiable character for us at TV-VCR.

Tim Story, director of two of three wretched Fantastic Four movies, is helming Tom and Jerry. Like so many needless cartoon adaptations, that film will reportedly place a weirdly-realized CG cat and mouse in the real world. But on the plus side, it’s also said Tom and Jerry will cling to their origins as silent actors, denying us the Tom Noonan and Jerry O’Connell film we’ve long demanded.

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