Trailer: A Dog’s Journey is the Dog’s Purpose sequel A Dog’s Way Home apparently only teased

Just weeks ago, audiences were greeted at the theater door by the familiar, cloying whimpers of A Dog’s Way Home. Coming from A Dog’s Purpose author-turned-screenwriter W. Bruce Cameron, the Nicholas Barks of dog lit, the film seemed to be the promised sequel China’s box office doomed us to. Turns out: it’s wasn’t.

While A Dog’s Way Home was indeed a spiritual successor, carrying on the theme of internal dog monologues that aren’t even funny, it wasn’t a spiritual spiritual successor. Which is to say, it did not give an absurdly offhanded, matter-of-fact podium for Cameron’s notion that dog souls are continually reincarnated into new dog bodies, forever haunted by their unforgivingly God-like memories. (As for its conceit’s consequences in regards to human souls, puppy intelligence, the afterlife, and what happens when dog souls outnumber dog bodies, it had very few answers.) Also, Dennis Quaid and Josh Gad weren’t in that one, and how could there ever be a Dog’s Purpose sequel without that iconic duo?

But just as dogs are cursed to never truly die, ever awakening in a new canine form every time they think their time with the Esurance guy is finally over, mankind must bear its own canid curse. As such, now there’s a direct sequel to A Dog’s Purpose. This one is called A Dog’s Journey—again, you’d be forgiven for thinking A Dog’s Way Home was this—and here’s the trailer.

A pooch’s unending Hell of never knowing an ultimate rest will delight audiences May 17.

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