‘True Detective’ season three will star Stephen Dorff

Time is a flat circle, forever returning Stephen Dorff to screens even when you’re sure you’ll never see Stephen Dorff in a lead role again. The latest project to bring the actor back from whatever darkness he descended into after 2010’s Somewhere? True Detective. He’s reportedly been cast in the HBO series’ third season, joining Moonlight‘s Mahershala Ali and Alien: Covenant‘s Carmen Ejogo. Dorff will play Ali’s partner, an Arkansas cop investigating “a macabre crime in the heart of the Ozarks.”

True Detective now joins Fox’s Star and Sunday afternoon Blade airings among the ways you’ll be surprised to suddenly see Stephen Dorff on your television.

  • HalSolo

    As someone who’s always loved Dorff as the whitest white dude to be a villain against the blackest superhero, this is super exciting. Also, he was in IMMORTALS! Not that anyone really should remember that one, but he was in it. If Henry Cavill can emerge from that to play Superman, shouldn’t Dorff at least get a shot at an HBO prestige drama?

  • jaime_arg

    Shooting in the Ozarks a year after Ozark is kinda lame