Tyler Perry’s killing off Tyler Perry’s Madea

Madea is indeed frightening.

After 20 years of putting on a wig, a housecoat, some lipstick, and curiously little aging makeup, Tyler Perry is done with Madea.

Speaking to SiriusXM’s Bevy Smith, Perry shared the sentiment so many have had since at least Madea’s team-up with Larry the Cable Guy: “It’s time for [him] to kill that old bitch.” And it seems he may do so more literally than expected.

Apparently Madea’s last appearance will come in [Tyler Perry’s] A Madea Family Funeral, a film Perry already shot two years ago, when a weary world was struggling to deal with Boo 2! A Madea Halloween. He’s since been sitting on it, letting humanity assume that, as Smith put it, “Madea doesn’t die; she’s like a gremlin.”

But Gremlins totally die. Like, both the movie gremlins and the Dungeons & Dragons type definitely die. And so, it’s suggested, will Madea.

“We’re gonna say goodbye in ’19,” Tyler teased, alluding to A Madea Family Funeral‘s release date. March 1, 2019. The day a man in a wig, a housecoat, some lipstick, and curiously little aging makeup… will die.

At least until we realize that, like with the ’90s Death of Superman, this was just a publicity stunt, setting up Madea to be resurrected four times over—a cyborg Madea, a teenage clone Madea, a Madea in sunglasses, and the Madea that sets up a movie where it’s just Shaq as Madea.

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