View-Master film to finally bring moving series of images to screens

The stereoscopic Instagram of yore is headed to the big screen, for some reason. THR reports that MGM and Mattel have teamed up for a movie focused on View-Master, the longest existing product for having your own little boring, seven-image slideshow.

For those who don’t recall the pushing down that stiff, orange, advance-slide lever—unquestionably the most satisfying element of this novelty item—View-Master was, in most permutations, a little plastic thing used to look through a short series of 3-D images. Originally they let viewers see the world through tourism photography, but soon it was realized that kids would rather star at Muppets and Disney characters even more, so the focus shifted, so to speak. Since 2015, it’s apparently instead become one of those plastic headsets you jam a smartphone in as a cheap VR.

It’s not yet clear which version of the device the film will focus on. Like the dual eye-holes of the View-Master, each gives a slightly different perspective on a rich subject everyone would of course love to see.

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