Watch Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario fight over some dude, get mostly naked in the ‘Layover’ trailer

Like a modern update of the Victoria’s Secret catalogue, The Layover appears equally intended as something for straight women to absentmindedly scan and for straight men to use as a depressingly tame masturbatory aid. The comedy sees Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario being called on for the talents they showed respectively in The Other Woman and Baywatch. Those talents being a gameness for cheap, broad laughs and for jiggling in swimwear. The duo star as best friends whose careers have taken a dive thanks specifically to a couple East Asian cultures. Their solution: take a vacation in Florida. Unfortunately, their plan to relax gets derailed when they end up fighting over some hunk who sat between them on the plane. In other words, it’s a gender-swapped take on 2012’s equally hard to fathom This Means War—but now the espionage warfare has been replaced by the male gaze. Specifically, William H. Macy’s gaze: he’s for some reason made this his feature follow-up to Rudderless, directing from a script co-written by It’s Always Sunny writer and co-star David Hornsby.

  • AdamCoates

    Man, how good was Rudderless, right? Cast Billy Crudup as the hunky passenger and I’d be more interested.

  • scott19

    So….Badger is in this movie? That’s cool. Badger. With his Badger voice.

  • HalSolo

    Macy (and an Always Sunny alum)’s involvement makes me feel like this movie may take an unexpected twist into darker territory… but then again, I’ve been dead wrong before. Like, so many times.
    Still, if japanese anime has taught me anything, nothing helps the dark comedy medicine go down like gratuitous jiggle.