Weekend Box Office: Another Year Begins with ‘Star Wars’ Being Very Popular

Dude is sick of it.

It’s now 2017. Happy New Year! And it turns out, as for the last 40 years, Star Wars is still extremely popular.

Over the holiday weekend, there were no new films in wide release. Thusly, at the box office, we saw pretty much the same results as last weekend. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story topped the list with just under $50 million, Sing came in second, and Passengers a distant third. Moana climbed from sixth to take the fourth spot, while Assassin’s Creed continued to make video game movies a bad idea, falling to eighth in just its second week.

Next weekend: look forward to finding out whether anyone possibly cares about another Underworld sequel!

  • scott19

    If we keep supporting this Star Wars thing, maybe they’ll make more!

    • Time for a TV-VCR.com boycott… bring them to their knees!

  • Hey Mark,
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    • HalSolo

      I have seen that happen before, but a simple browser reset solved that… maybe its a browser thing? I dunno, can we get some cool hackers in here to hack this thing a solution?

    • jaime_arg

      Oh yeah I just commented on this issue in another article. It’s been around since launch (or rather since I discovered this new iteration of IWS).
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  • jaime_arg

    Happy New Year to y’all!