Weekend Box Office: Captain Marvel continues Marvel’s streak of making lots of money

Looks like Marvel won’t have to sell off Hawkeye’s ranch home after all.

Over the weekend, the studio’s Captain Marvel continued the trend of these Marvel Cinematic Universe movies really tearing it up out there. Despite somewhat middling reviews (like our own) and the online cries of some huffy little men, the film debuted north of $150 million, ranking among the likes of The Dark Knight and Rogue One and setting Marvel’s seventh highest opening.

With no rival studios even bothering to go up against the Marvel behemoth with a new release, the rest of the top five saw How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World drop to second, A Madea Family Funeral to third, The Lego Movie 2 held to fourth, and Alita sink from third to fifth, sending James Cameron into his submersible to sulk.

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