Weekend Box Office: Crazy Rich Asians had a crazy rich second weekend

Following a $26.5 million opening, Crazy Rich Asians barely took a dip in its second weekend in theaters. Pulling in another $25 million, the film’s domestic gross went down less than six percent—a staggeringly low drop pretty much unheard of for a film already in extremely wide release. And with no major releases arriving for the Labor Day break, it’s looking like another big weekend to come. We can only hope this serves as a lesson to Hollywood to make a high-profile film with Asian leads every century or so.

Meanwhile, Jason Statham vs. Megashark held on to the second spot with $13 million, and Happytime Murders ended up with a suitably poor $10 million third-place debut. Mission: Impossible – Fallout took fourth with $8 million, and Christopher Robin rounded out the top five with $6.3 million.

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