Wes Anderson Made This Very Wes Anderson-y Christmas Short

As he’s previously done with Prada, Wes Anderson has again teamed up with a fashion brand to make us a typically delightful little short. This time, he’s partnered with H&M for a Christmas-themed film starring a couple of Anderson’s increasingly frequent collaborators—Adrien Brody and an old train. Finally, the meticulously crafted, timeless world of Wes Anderson meets the poorly crafted, sure-to-fall-apart-in-a-month world of H&M clothing. It’s a Christmas miracle!

  • Jolie Rogers

    I just can’t get enough of the guy. I’d love it if he filmed dream sequences for a Lars Von Trier movie.

    • HalSolo

      I feel like I’m in a dream… a whimsical short and the gang’s back together feeling over movie news. Christmas came early and so have I!

      • Jolie Rogers

        I send a sincere-yet-awkwardly-shuffling-away-from-the-mistletoe Yuletide hug

  • I didn’t intend to, but I actually really liked this. Nice find!