X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants have been delayed (again)

20th Century Fox just can’t get their super-powered mutant shit together. The studio just announced that X-Men: Dark Phoenix and the already-delayed New Mutants have been pushed back further into 2019. Dark Phoenix, previously scheduled for release this November, now won’t hit theaters until next Valentine’s Day. New Mutants, originally set to come out in a few weeks, won’t arrive until August 2, 2019. How promising.

  • jaime_arg

    I’d like to know what went so fucking wrong that they had to push back a movie a year and a half, and also what is their bar for what’s good and what’s not, cause if they push it 16 months and it still sucks they might as well just put it out now.

    • It seems they have another Fant4stic on their hands.

      • adam3w

        Why is it that I’m perfectly okay with reading Se7en as “Seven” but my brain wants to read Fant4stic as “Fant-Four-Stic?”

        • While I agree that absolutely everyone’s brain says “Fant-four-stic,” I have a longstanding hatred of “Se7en” as a title stylization. A 7 could hardly look less like a v, and what’s the point even if it did? At least the big 4 is actual iconography of the series.

        • jaime_arg

          F4NTASTIC would look better.
          I think it’s a combination of not being capitalized and the fact that it’s the second A that is changed for a 4, so your brain starts to read it as a normal word and only then, in the second A, has to change to leet speak.
          It should be the first A and/or in all caps.

    • NC2222

      Wasn’t there some discussion about X Men going back to Marvel? Maybe they want to delay release so Marvel can make adjustments. I’m guessing they want to tap into the Marvel magic, and avoid the huge failure that the X series was under Fox.