A24 is auctioning off the bedazzled Furby, masturbation mermaid, and more


If social isolation has left you feeling a particular kind of loneliness, good news: soon you can buy a little ivory mermaid to masturbate to! And not just any ivory mermaid to masturbate to. THE ivory mermaid to masturbate to.

Distributor A24 has announced they’ll be auctioning off actual on-screen props from several of their releases—among them, The Lighthouse, Midsommar, and Uncut Gems. All proceeds are being donated to various New York City charities. Which is to say, you could buy a jewel-encrusted gold Furby necklace and possibly write that off on your taxes, so doing so makes complete fiscal sense.

If you’ve got a few grand to throw at a giant dress made of flowers or whatever, have a look over here.

Please help these sad nobodies and: