Aaron Taylor-Johnson will star in that Kraven the Hunter movie

Sony has found their latest guy-who-already-did-a-superhero-thing willing to degrade himself for their off-brand Spider-Man crap. The studio has reportedly set quickly-dispatched Quicksilver Aaron Taylor-Johnson to star in J. C. Chandor’s movie about Kraven the Hunter. The film will follow the terrible Venom, the presumably-terrible Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and the four-times-delayed-so-you-get-where-that’s-going Morbius in Sony’s attempts at turning increasingly-obscure Spider-Man villains into their own franchises. Just give us a Domenick Lombardozzi-led movie about Rhino, assholes!*

*It would also be acceptable to get an LL Cool J Rhino movie where he’s a single dad who turns to crime to support his young daughter, but in that case it has to be Catwoman-level trash.

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