Adam Devine gives us his worst School of Rock in Disney’s Magic Camp trailer

The latest “asshole coaches some underdog losers (and the one talented kid!) into a competition that they may not win but will give them confidence and togetherness” comedy entry sees Adam DeVine once again miscast as someone prominently on-screen. In Magic Camp, DeVine stars as a banker and low-level magician who returns to his childhood camp, now as a counselor. He ends up with all the talentless outcasts (except the one kid!) in his group, and it’s up to him to get them ready for the inevitable Big Competition. Gillian Jacobs co-stars as his childhood rival and big-time stage magician who obviously gets all the cool-as-magic-kids-can-be kids. This trailer’s button is DeVine yelling “spoiler alert,” so that is the grating level of comedy to expect when this hits Disney+ August 14.

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