Adam Sandler and Chris Rock do the in-laws at odds thing in the ‘Week of’ trailer

The Week Of marks the fifth collaboration between Adam Sandler and Netflix, your streaming high school friend who still quotes Happy Gilmore. Like most of those projects (Noah Baumbach’s The Meyerowitz Stories being the lone exception), the film hangs in the shadow of the Happy Madison Productions banner—that portent of lazy, broad comedy hobbling to screens in a pair of athletic shorts. Yet, surprisingly, this actually looks… refreshingly innocuous.

Co-written and directed by You Don’t Mess with the Zohan collaborator Robert Smigel, the comedy is a slightly new spin on a premise last explored in 2010’s painful, immediately forgotten Our Family Wedding. Sandler and Chris Rock star as mismatched dads at odds the week of their respective daughter and son’s marriage. Underused SNL vet Rachel Dratch and regular Happy Madison fixture Steve Buscemi co-star.

Have a look above for the first trailer. We’ll find out how this compares to the greatest Smigel-Sandler collaboration when The Week Of streams on April 27.

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