Adam Sandler Gets Back to ’90s, Doing Little Voices, in ‘Sandy Wexler’ Trailer

Set in 1994, Sandy Wexler takes Adam Sandler back to his SNL days, just before he would become an unlikely movie star with Billy Madison. Fittingly, it also has him back to at least putting on a little costume and a goofy voice in his broad attempts for laughs.

The film sees Sandler in the title role as an earnest talent manager representing the likes of a daredevil (Nick Swardson), a ventriloquist (Kevin James), and a just-signed singing prodigy played by Jennifer Hudson. It’s ostensibly a comedy, but this first trailer for some reason focuses less on jokes than it does on eulogizing the character. Various celebrities and once-celebrities share fond recollections, speaking of him like a ridiculous yet beloved folk hero, while Hudson’s ingenue asks, “How do you take care of everybody and never worry about yourself?”

“That’s what I do,” Sandler replies. Such a subtle pat-on-his-own-back from a man who’s spent half his career securing parts and work vacations for his real-life crew of entertainment misfits.

We’ll see how much more of this thing borders on Sandler hagiography when Sandy Wexler hits Netflix on April 14.

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