Al Gore Reminds Us How Screwed We Are with ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ Trailer

Its trailer arriving the same day Donald Trump signed an executive order to go woefully backward on climate change, An Inconvenient Sequel may as well be subtitled We Sure Are Supremely Fucked Now. But since no one can imagine nor wants to hear Al Gore drop an F-bomb, instead it’s called Truth to Power.

The follow-up once again mixes dramatic footage of climate events with Gore’s droning voice reminding us that we should be absolutely terrified all the time. Picking up now more than a decade after the original, Gore has some belated told-ya-so‘s to lay on us, noting that global warming evidence has risen as steeply our horrifying sea levels. But he also brings hope, reminding us of all the positive change we have and can continue to bring through renewable energy and political activism. Then it’s back to the depressing stuff, though: in his closer, Gore claims we can’t just get in rocket ships and live on Mars. It seems even Matt Damon lied to us.

Gore’s dark portent of Earth’s impending demise arrives in theaters July 28.

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