Alicia Vikander really nails the jumps in the ‘Tomb Raider’ trailer

Our most lecherous adventure game franchise is headed back to theaters, and here’s an early look with the first trailer for Tomb Raider. The film sees Oscar winner Alicia Vikander following in beau Michael Fassbender’s steps of squandering absurdly attractive talents on an exhausted video game series. She stars as Lara Croft, our titular tomb raider, a role previously played Angelina Jolie and implausibly-shaped polygons. As we saw with the movie’s poster, efforts were taken to keep the game’s grotesqueness of anatomy bursting out of a filthy tank top in tact. And with this first preview, we see the game’s emphasis on landing unlikely jumps has also made it in there.

We’ll maybe find out why on Earth the fate of humanity rests in tomb raiding when Tomb Raider hits theaters March 16.

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