‘Alien: Covenant’ Sure Looks Familiar in Its New Trailer

How many times can you watch some unsuspecting schmuck stick his face over Alien‘s vaginal jack-in-the-box before it stops being shocking and just gets frustrating? If your answer is, “Maybe one more time, if it’s at least the guy from Almost Famous doing it,” then you’re in luck with this new trailer for Alien: Covenant.

Familiarly, the Prometheus sequel/Alien prequel sees a spaceship crew land on a distant planet where something gross leaps onto someone’s face, a long-headed black creature starts killing everyone, and so on. Though this time it looks like the alien also stares Danny McBride down, grinning as he takes a dump on the windshield. So that’s a fun new evolution. We’ll see what other sort of cruel bullying in in store on May 19, when Alien: Covenant hits theaters nationwide.

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