Amy Adams will think she’s turning into a dog

Amy Adams imagines the Amy Adams of dogs.

At last, Wolfman and Tully will combine inside Amy Adams, who will think she’s a dog.

Deadline brings news that the Nocturnal Animals star is set to lead the synonymous-titled Nightbitch, Annapurna Pictures’ adaptation of Rachel Yoder’s upcoming darkly-comic novel of the same name. Adams will play a former artist thrown into stay-at-home domesticity with the birth of her son. Then she starts thinking she’s turning canine.

Here’s the full synopsis:

In Nightbitch, an unnamed woman and former artist, thrust into stay-at-home domesticity after the birth of her son, becomes worried she’s turning into a dog. Her husband, who travels for work five days a week, easily dismisses her fears from hotel rooms. Meanwhile, the mother is forced to contend with the very real physical manifestations of her solitary anxiety, with only her two-year-old son for company.

As her symptoms intensify, she struggles to keep her alter-canine-identity secret. Finally jolted to action after an impulsive and disastrous encounter with the family cat, she seeks a cure for her condition in an herbal multi-level marketing scheme, a group of mommies all inexplicably named Jen, and Wanda White, a mysterious academic specializing in “mythical ethnography.”

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About time someone understood and amplified the subtext of Marmaduke.

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