Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell Start a Home Casino in ‘The House’ Trailer

Ha ha! These middle-aged, middle-class white people are getting out of control! From Bad Moms to Office Christmas Party and far beyond, broad studio comedies have been stretching that single joke into just enough chuckles to fill a trailer. And judging by the uncharacteristic bacchanalia and cartoonish injuries of the too-old-for-that in this trailer for The House, it looks like they’ve done it again.

Amy Poehler, who already gulped down her shot-after-shot of this in Sisters, stars alongside a Will Ferrell safely within his now familiar dopey husband role. They play parents of a teenager who just got into her expensive first pick for college. Bad news, though: Amy and Will have abruptly learned that they can’t afford to pay for it, and that they seem to live in a world where student loans don’t exist. But the good news is that their alternate universe does have elaborate, illegal, suburban casinos people run out of their homes. So, with the help of a typically skeevy yet enjoyably boisterous Jason Mantzoukas, they set one of those up to make the tuition.

The film is the directing debut of Andrew Jay Cohen, who also already did this shit when he co-wrote both Neighbors movies. It arrives in theaters June 30.

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