‘Anne of Green Gables’ Now ‘Anne’ of Netflix in New Trailer

Anne of Green Gables, the kid-lit classic that’s as beloved as it is confused with Pippi Longstocking and Heidi, is headed to Netflix in a new series, Anne. Amybeth McNulty stars in the title role and, as you’ll see in this first trailer, she looks like she emerged straight out of the 1979 anime adaptation. Whale Rider and recent Zookeeper’s Wife director Niki Caro helmed the episodes, and she seems to have given them an unexpectedly naturalistic, beautifully-shot period aesthetic. (There are shots that look at least as fantastic as Cary Fukunaga’s eye-catching 2011 adaptation of Jane Eyre.) This will be one to watch for fans of Anne of Green Gables–and for fans of gables in general. Because wait until you see these gables. It’s like, daaaaaamn, gables.

Anne is already airing on Canada’s CBC, but it arrives on Netflix May 12.

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